Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carp on the Fly: Finally Landed One

Finally.  All winter I sat in class (oh I am in law school by the way) and drooled over pictures of big, drag melting fish.  I knew that, being very landlocked, the only two that I might encounter were striper or... well carp.  Because I do not have a boat, I thought- "I need to fish for carp."  I have tried to catch carp several times.  No go.  So this was a challenge.  I mean, I have a fishing blog- I must be good enough to catch a carp... ha.  This season I did my homework, tied a bunch of stupid looking flies and scoped out some spots on Google Earth.  From the beginning, it seemed like I was cursed.  Trip after trip yielded nothing.  Finally I scoped out a new spot.  Basically, it is a large drainage ditch with a bunch of stinky, rubber-lipped carp cruising around in it.  I figured I would get there early.  So I rolled in at the crack of 9:30 AM (did I mention I am a student?).  I saw the carp.  The carp saw me.  I studied the carp.  The carp studied me.  I tried my new carp flies. Nothing.  I tried trout flies.  Nothing.  I probably tried 30 flies before I noticed that all the carp were eating was algae.  They would swim up to a floating chunk of green stuff and suck it in like cotton candy.  I looked through my boxes and landed on an olive marabou jig.  I had no confidence in the wimpy hook, plus it was de-barbed.  Anyway, by this time I had been out there about 4 hours.  Sure I had caught some big bluegill and a few bass, but I was getting frustrated with the carp.  I was tired, my phone and camera battery were low and I was hungry.  I got several eats.  Missed them all.  Finally I swung this little wussy jig past the biggest carp I could see and he pounced on it like a crackhead on a twenty.  He sucked that thing in, I set the hook hard and it was on.  Fought that ugly son of a gun for at least five minutes before I made a grab for him.  Too slippery.  Another five minutes later I had him.  I felt a little bad about laying him on the gravel but he seemed ok, no damage or anything.  Finally got one... challenge completed- now maybe I can focus on studying for finals.  Maybe.

Couldn't keep these guys away from my fly.

Caught this dude right off the bat.

A few pretty decent sunfish.

Boom, finally heard that drag.


He was pissed.


Wishing I had brought a net at this point.


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