Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SBS- Articulated Leech

Articulated Leech:

         This is a pattern I've been playing around with.  Borrowed different parts from different flies.  This thing has great action and really fished well.  It rides hook point up for the most part which is nice.  I was doing well with it the other day swinging it through holes.  I am sure trout would enjoy this little guy too.  It only ends up being about 3 inches.  Also works well in olive, yellow, black and white. You can tie in multiple colors for a mottled sculpin effect.

Hooks: TMC 200R Size 6- and junk hook for shank in front.
Thread- Brown 6/0
Body- brown marabou.
Eyes- small dumbells of your choice.
Connection- .38mm Beadalon
Dubbing- Black UV Ice Dub

Start out with a size 6 or 4 TMC 200R or comparable streamer hook.

Add a marabou tail- woollybugger style.  Wrap over the stem and trim it off.

Tie in a plume on the far side, make it overlap the tail just a bit.

Do the same on the other side, tie off and whip up a nice head.  Whip finish and glue.

This is the front hook- any short shank hook will do.  I used a super cheap bait hook because I cut it anyway.

Heres the connection material- .38mm Beadalon.  Available at craft stores.  This stuff is nice because, unlike braid, it created a nice stiff loop which I think helps the fly not foul up as much.

Figure eight on some eyes on top of the shank.  Put them all the way up on the hook eye.

Cut about 3 inches of Beadalon and tie on to the top of the shank.  Make an under-wrap first to create some bite for the wire.

Stick the wire through the back portion's hook eye and make a loop by tying the wire back on the bottom of the hook shank.  Trim the tag off with cutters or your junk scissors.

I like to superglue everything at this point.  Just a dab will do ya.

I like to add this dubbing for some flash.  Any dubbing will do.  You could also leave out the dubbing for a sparser fly.

Dub a little body.


Add a marabou plume behind eyes to the top of the hook and trim it off neatly- still behind the eyes.

Add another marabou Plume to the bottom of the hook in the same manner.  You can either add some dubbing to the head for flash or just wrap the whole thing in thread until it looks pretty.

The last step is to cut off the front hook at the bend with wire cutters or pliers.  You can leave it on if you want but it tends to foul with two hooks and the action suffers.  Oh, and I also like to hit the head and body with a dubbing brush.
That's about it.  Now go stick a fish with it.

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