Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Review /Build

New Rod.

Just built a new rod.  I guess I cannot really call this a review of the BVK because I built the rod myself.  I can call it a review of the blank.  First, the blank is fantastic.  It is a 9 foot, 6 weight, 4 piece.  It was reasonably priced ($112.45 at J. Stockard) and looks great.  The blank is a nice translucent olive green color and came straight and perfect out of the package.  The ferrules fit very snugly and are nice and slim.  Once built, the blank is medium fast- actually I thought it would be faster. I was pleasantly surprised with the action as I like a good medium fast rod.   After fishing for white bass, trout, bass and other critters with this thing, I absolutely love it.  It can pick up and cast my 15 foot sink tip with ease, yet it can lay down tight loops and pretty delicate casts with a floater.  I foresee that this rod will be perfect for hopper fishing on the White this summer and may become my new go-to bass/smallmouth rod. 

I chose to put a fighting butt on this rod because fighting butts are awesome.  I went with this really nice looking pre-made grip made by Batson Enterprises (from Dan Craft Enterprises).  I like the grip alot- although I cannot help but think a full wells might have been better.  I decided to wrap all the way over the TFO label because I accidentally put the grip on all cock-eyed so the label was at a weird angle... anyway.  I am not a professional builder by the way.  
I chose rust brown and bright green thread with some metallic turquoise accents- I think it looks pretty good.  I poneyed up and got some nice stripper guides.  Went with REC Recoils in black nickel.  These are actually the same guides that are on the stock rod except for the color.  They are legit.  The rest of the guides are single foot J. Stockard guides in Tich.  I also went all out on the reel seat.  It is a Struble U-15HG in Green.  I like the reel seat.  It is solid, not too big and it looks awesome with my Sage 4200.  It also has an added hook holder nook in the hood, which is nice. 

Single Foot Guides

                      REC Guides>   


Meth Lab/Wrapping junk

I'm glad to get finished with
this rod. I can get all my supplies out of the garage so it will stop looking like a meth lab.

If you need a new rod- look at 
the TFO BVK.  I think mine turned out pretty well.  My favorite part is the green Struble reel seat- I think it looks pretty sharp.  Now I just need to find some more fish.

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