Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Allen Fly Fishing- Tying Hook Review

Good shape on the short shank saltwater hooks.
I had been hearing a lot online about Allen Fly Fishing products.  I also had run out of hooks for clousers and bass flies. Oh, and I found 40 bucks in my PayPal account that I had forgotten about.  All of this coalesced into an impetuous purchase during a boring law class.  I ordered about 40 bucks worth of hooks- and I took them up on their 3 dollar fly box offer.  Anyway, the hooks came within about 3 days, which was pretty awesome.

I ordered mostly short shank saltwater hooks in size 2 and 4.  I also got some of the longer shank ones and some egg hooks.  Most of my plans were for carp flies actually.  Anyway, the saltwater hooks are pretty legit.  The short shank ones are sharp and seem strong.  Some of the hook eyes are a little crooked and a few hook points were a bit askew.  A little bending with my trusty pliers and all was good.  The price point is decent at around $5.85 per pack with free shipping.

Little gummy rainbow trout fly on an Allen SW002.

The longer shank saltwater hooks are a bit different.  The metal seems to be of better quality, they seem to be more consistent and they feel very strong.  The problem is that they are considerably more dull than the shorter shank hooks.  I hit them with a hook file and now they are tying some solid bass flies and articulated streamers.  I know that these are really not the flies these hooks are meant for but... whatever.

The egg hooks are decent, not extremely sharp but strong feeling.  I also ordered some small streamer hooks which seem flimsy and a little dull.  All in all I would say I got my money's worth.  The saltwater hooks are pretty good and the freshwater ones are usable with a little sharpening.  The little fly box that was 3 dollars is a little rickety but very handy.  It is basically a knock off C&F box that is obviously made by tiny Chinese hands, but will hold a bunch of small flies really well.  I would say that I will definitely do business with Allen again.  I cannot speak for anything but their hooks but I would be willing to try their other products.  Their service was prompt and reliable and their products will catch fish.  I honestly did not expect much, but my low expectations were exceeded by far.  Kudos Allen.  Oh and I landed that last carp on an Allen fly hook.

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