Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salvaged Saturday Afternoon

I submit that there is nothing better than fishing with your dad.  My dad taught me to fish in little ponds and out on the Arkansas river with Beetlespins and worms.  I slowly graduated to bass fishing and then discovered the fly rod later in college.  I had to be down in Little Rock for the weekend and of course found some time to go fishing.  My dad and I have recently taken a great liking to the Little Red river, as he has also caught the fly fishing bug.  I had not been trout fishing in at least two months (still haven't) and when I checked the generation schedule Friday night, it miraculously said 0 until 7 o'clock or so.  I was pumped.  Dad was also pumped.  I would finally get to try out my new Ross Evolution 3 weight reel... awesome.  I packed up all my trout junk- waders and all- and we headed down south.  Dad and I were all geared up to hit the river, but alas, it was not meant to be.  We woke up too late, something about dinner plans or something- and somehow, our trip got canceled.  There was some female influence, apparently our priorities were not aligned.  Oh well, we still had a few hours.  We thought maybe the bass would be biting at the river.  When we say "the river" we mean the Arkansas.  Well, they weren't biting.  But, as luck would have it, there was a crazy mayfly hatch coming off and the little sunfish were going nuts.  After fishing for two hours catching nothing, it was a blast to just absolutely kick the crap out of some little bluegill with popping bugs and foam spiders.  We caught nothing big, there were no grip and grin hero shots, we did not get to fish where we had planned, but it was a great day.  After we were both satisfied that we could have caught every little fish in that river, we called it a day.  You really can't beat fishing with your dad on a nice day, even if the fish (or women) won't cooperate.

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