Monday, September 17, 2012

Montana Fly Company Boat Box Review

Got a package from MFC today.  My very own Montana Fly Co. Boat Box is here. 

First of all, this thing is big.  We are talking small suit case size.  The interwebs tells me it is 13 in x 11 in x 4in.  I did not realize how big that is until I saw the thing in person- yet somehow, I almost had enough flies to fill this cavernous box.  I gotta fish more.

Here it is empty.  I got the extra leaf with the large slotted foam.  I figured the smallest fly I would keep in this thing is a size 6 hopper.

I filled up both sides with my streamer collection.  The foam holds them really nicely and it feels durable.  I'm going to use the leaf for hoppers so that I can take them out when I am fishing in the non-summer months.

 I really don't need more hoppers... but this just looks so empty.

Here's the right side with double deceivers and some other meat.

 Left side with big articulated stuff and Galloup style stuff.

Opinion:  I have to say that this box is just plain useful.  It has a waterproof gasket around the entire lip and has four beefy plastic clasps that shut tight.  It is a little hard to open at first but it eases up with use.  I really like the handle and the styling.  The hinges seem durable and it is entirely made of hard plastic.  I like the depth of the box.  I am pretty sure it will float indefinitely when you smash your boat into a rock or, if you are like me, when you aren't looking and a low hanging limb clotheslines you.  With the leaf in, I think there may be some fly smashing, but nothing like the Plano box I had my streamers in before.  
Get one of these boxes.  You will like it and your flies will feel much more comfortable knowing that they are dry, safe and stylishly stored.  

P.S. - This is also a great spot to stick all those "cool" stickers your wife wouldn't let you put on your truck.

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