Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prototype Weedless Balsa Poppers

Now I may not be the first guy to try this- but I've been trying some poppers on an upturned wide gap bass hook.  These are just normal balsa bodies with a bit of cut off hook shank attached with wire to the bass hook.  That way the hook gape is left open.  I decided to do the legs out the side just so that they would not interfere with the hookset- plus it looks buggy.

I have to admit it took some time to adjust to setting the hook with these- you gotta wait a split second- and bluegill usually cannot get the whole hook.

This one is festive.  Bass like festive... trust me.

I actually hooked a big golf course bass on this one and got broken off.  I guess he spit it out because the fly popped up in the middle of the pond 20 minutes later.  Lucky me.

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