Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bonefish Attempt- Aruba

Warning- there are no fish in this report.

So I went to Aruba on my honeymoon and it was awesome.  The beach is awesome, the food is great, the whole island is fun and the company was superb.  I had read up on the island and knew that there are some game fish around the island.  There are (allegedly) tarpon, permit and bonefish haunting the crystal clear water on the flats and in the lagoons.  I tied flies, I dusted off the 9 weight, I begged my fiancee to let my bring all this junk and I ignored warnings from wiser men that I should not try to fish on my honeymoon.

I woke up real early one morning to avoid the beachgoers.  I walked at least 2 miles searching for fishy looking water.  I got blisters.  I got a sunburn.  I saw no fish.  I walked more.  I saw something... tails.  I cast... I cast again... I changed flies... nothing.  After a while I realized that these were not bonefish because I walked all the way up on them and I could see that they were pretty small.  Still don't know what they were.

 Saw a ton of pretty scenery... with no fish.

 The 9 weight was ready to rock.

Flogged water with shrimp, crabs, clousers and baitfish patterns.

 Continued to flog.

Looks like a bonefish flat right?  What you can't see is that there are huge all inclusive resorts about 50 feet away.  I did actually see what I thought was a silver tail on one of these flats.  It may have been a mirage to be honest because I forgot my water bottle and I think I dehydrated there at the end.  Luckily for me, a bus happened by and I paid 2 bucks to get back to my hotel and my lovely new wife.  I drown my sorrows over my lack of bonefish with a fruity island drink at the giant pool by the beautiful beach... ok it wasn't that bad.

I still want to catch a bonefish.

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