Thursday, November 1, 2012

Norfork River Report

(because I haven't been able to get out lately, I asked my bud Kasper to report about his recent trip)
Post grad schools here in Arkansas had a Monday and Tuesday off for fall break so me and a buddy of mine decided to head to the Norfork river for a few days of camping and fishing. We arrived late on Friday so we just set up camp and got food for the weekend. On Saturday we woke up before sunrise, loaded up and drove down to the River Ridge Road access. Then we waded upstream to the first island (Jason, you can insert the name of the island here if you know it). One ole timer was already there but we were the second to reach the island (we may or may not have passed his sweet little old wife who was using a walking stick on the walk upriver). We fished the side of the island closest to the bank which has a more narrow and shallow channel. There is a nice bend towards the middle of the island, which my buddy fished while I fished a little bit upstream.

On our first casts, we both had strikes almost immediately. We fished the same spot for several hours and caught over 50 fish between us. We fished similar rigs all morning. He fished a white grizzly maribou jig with an olive tubing midge with red thread and a black bead head as the dropper. I fished an olive maribou jig with an olive tubing midge with olive thread and a black head as the dropper. At one point I switched to a red zebra midge with wine wire and a black head which also produced fish.

Although I'm sure Jason disapproves, I personally like fishing the micro jig as the lead fly in Arkansas rivers because I hate messing with split shot if I don't have to and because it always catches fish. By 8:30 the river was insanely crowded as you can see in the picture. It seemed everyone was catching fish, but we were definitely in the honey hole. We went back to the same spot the next two mornings and had very similar experiences. It was a great trip and definitely one of the most productive fishing weekends I've ever had.

(For the record- I do not care what fly or jig or egg worm jig combo someone chooses to fish with. Personally, I like to use real flies. But seriously, if junk catches fish, I'm definitely not above it.)


  1. Sounds like a good trip to me...that's gotta be the most folks I've seen fishing on the Fork for quite a while , word must be out that it's getting back to it's old self.

  2. Agreed, last time I went it was not stellar.