Thursday, December 13, 2012

Streamers, streamers, streamers.

So I don't know if you have seen the "Belly Dancer" type flies that Idylwilde  sells, but I think that the design is both novel and practical.  The beads riding off the belly of the fly make it ride hook-point-up and makes some fish attracting noise to boot.  So, borrowing heavily from this design, I decided to tie some of my own versions. 

These are all on Mustad 80300BR size 2 hooks (not a bad hook but they need some sharpening)- I will probably use an 8089 in the future.  The body is lazer dub in a dubbing loop, the tail is a zonker strip and the head is wool from Umpqua. 

I just used Beadalon for the wire and medium sized metal beads from the hobby store.  Some of these have a glass bead in the middle. Theres also some Umpqua schlappen in a few.

I should probably not have hung the beads down so much, I'll have to see how it swims.

Looking forward to trying these out for bass or trout- probably trout first since its winter and all.


  1. You'll have to let us know how that works. Those beads look strange to me.

    1. Ya man I will. Ive used the idylwilde versions and they catch fish for sure. We'll see if mine compare.