Saturday, January 26, 2013

Got the flu? Tie a fly.

So I have yet to contract this flu plague, but my wife on the other hand has not been so fortunate.  Because I had to do some male nursing, I set up my vise next to the couch where my wife was buried in blankets and sipping Nyquil.  I spent the entire day tying tiny tailwater flies, woollies and other practical junk.  Turned out to be a pretty productive day.

I tied about 3 dozen flies or so but I decided to only take crappy pictures of a few of them.  I haven't tied a wooly in forever and it was kind of fun to crank these little guys out.


Here is a sample of all the tailwater junk I tied up.  I've had a lot of success on tailwaters here in Arkansas with all of these little flies.  Mostly 16s and 18s.  Hopefully I won't contract the plague so that I can fish tomorrow.  I guess I'll find out soon- at least my fly box is full.


  1. They all look good. For some reason I've never done well with black wooly buggers. Except when I'm fishing for carp. They seem to work pretty well.

  2. Thanks man. I actually agree, I guess I just tied black because I ran out of olive marabou. Plus carp are fun.