Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Carp Flies and Cabin Fever

So I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of winter.  We don't even have a "real" winter here in the South, but still- its getting old.  I am ready to really get out there and fish.  Not these every once in a while, bundled up, mitten wearing tailwater trips- I mean some good wet wading, chaco wearing, 2nd degree sunburn kind of days.  And whats with the sun going down right after work?  Come on sun, get it together- you're embarrassing yourself and inconveniencing everyone.

In anticipation of the sun's return, I've been tying some carp flies:

These little puff balls are just marabou, lead eyes and legs- nothing fancy.

I am really interested to try this pink one:

Really, the only carp flies I've had consistent success on have been solid black.  

This little monstrosity is an experiment in carping.  I've seen people use san juan worms with good results so I thought id just make me a worm ball with some weight and this is the result:

Its actually just that same fly as above with some san juans growing out of its face.  Guess I will have to wait until the water warms up to see if the carp approve.


  1. Good looking flies...I'd fish any one of em for my local carps. It's not too early if you hit the right sunny warm day , I found a few tailers last week during an exceptionally warm afternoon.
    Couldn't get but one of them to eat , and I LDR'd him , but it's got me anxious for the next warming spell!

    1. Ya man- I saw your post about that and that is what prompted me to tie these. I haven't seen a tailer yet but I also have not found a really good carp spot around Central AR.

  2. I think those will work fine. Although I really have no idea. Like you I have only done well with black patterns. I'm done with winter too. A friend and I went out yesterday looking for some fish that run in the spring. I don't know why we do this as anglers but it happens every year. We go out way earlier than we should hoping that we'll some how will the fish into acting different then they normally do. You try to be optimistic. You never know how the fishing is unless you're out there right? Really deep down you know you're chances are slim and still you have the nerve to be aggravated that the fishing sucks.

    1. I've been itching to go out and look for those same fish Kevin... and yes- I always try too early and get skunked. I guess fly fishermen are usually optimists- otherwise we would just use bait.