Monday, March 25, 2013

New Fishing Buddy.

Just went and picked up this little guy yesterday.

Meet Wulff.  

I am hoping to make a fishing buddy out of him.  He is already chewing, rolling around and peeing like one of the family.  I hate to admit this, but Wulff is my first dog and I am super pumped.  So far he is not big into getting wet... but I think his lab half will take over on that front.  Once I can get him to stop using my rugs as a toilet and he grows into his feet, its on to fishing trips and hiking for this little dude.

USACE App- Finally.

The US Army Corp of Engineers finally put out an app for your smartphone to help fishermen stay ahead of water releases and generation- at least in Arkansas and lower Missouri.  I do not know if the app is any good, but I can guarantee you that I will try it out. Seems like a more concise way to get information on flows.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shameless Plug- North Arkansas Troutfitters

Hey folks. Check out my buddy Brock Dixon's new page over at  This dude can put you on the fish.  He guides out of Northwest Arkansas (obviously) and focuses on the White, the Norfork and several other productive waters in Arkansas and Missouri.  To back up my claim that Brock can will even the least able angler to land the occasional pig, I present you with this picture of some guy in the front of Brock's skiff:

See?  Even I could catch a decent fish out of the troutfittermobile.  So if you want to learn Arkansas's trout secrets, or just have a good day out of the water- go book a trip with Brock Dixon- tell him I sent you and you will get a few free "STRIP SET YOU IDIOT!"s and maybe a "please stop losing my flies in the trees"...actually, that's probably just me.