Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Pond Fishing

The summer weather has finally begun.  I haven't gotten to fish as much lately as I would like, as usual.  Quick trips to the local golf course are the perfect thing to tide you over until the next big trip- just watch out for those pesky golfers, oh... and security.  

All I really use is a clouser or a black popper.  I have a lot of luck on frog colored poppers as well.  

Big ol' Warmouth (at least that is what we call them).

Purple works too.

Frog popper.

Get on those ponds.


  1. That is a pretty warmouth. I like it when they get that color around the edges of their fins.

  2. Are you working that popper along the bank or open water?

    1. I always catch the most fish working the popper along the bank at dusk. I usually get out there around 7 and throw a black/purple clouser until the sun goes behind the trees. Once it is darker, I put on a popper and throw about 2 feet off the bank. Anywhere there is ANY structure is always better. The black popper almost always outfishes the guys throwing gear- at least at this particular pond.