Friday, January 10, 2014

Little Red River Fishing Report- 1/4/14

Last month my bud Walker and I were talking and he told me he was thinking of getting into fly fishing.  Hundreds of dollars and a few weeks later -boom- here he is with his first fly caught rainbow trout.  Despite the "arctic vortex" weather Arkansas was experiencing, it was hovering around 40 degrees as we made it out to the river.  I got Walker set up with a standard midge set up and within half an hour he had broken off a couple rainbows and landed the little jewel you see in the picture there.

The Rainbows up by the dam were looking and fighting like very healthy fish.  This one was pretty despite his missing fin.  

Walker ended up landing a good number of fish in the seemingly short time we were out.  Before we knew it we had the wives calling and reminding us that we hadn't eaten or rested in six hours and informing us that they had been to every shop in a twenty mile radius.  Walker commented that he couldn't believe we had been fishing for as long as we had and that he hadn't even thought about what time it was.  That is when you know you're having a good day.

I caught this little browny over on the shoals.  He took a small black streamer and was the only brown I caught that day.

Well, looks like there is another unfortunate fishing addict in Arkansas.  Poor guy, I should have warned him that this sport leads to nothing but empty bank accounts, decreased work attendance, sunburns and irritated wives.  Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.


  1. Nice brown. Hoping to hit the Red sometime soon with my dad. What's your most productive pattern on the Little Red?

    1. Thanks- wish I got a better pic. All around- Tungsten Beaded Zebra midge- usually with some red in it. Bigger fish- black slumpbusters.

  2. Thanks a bunch. I'm sure the old man will tie some up. He likes midges.

  3. Midges catch fish- can't argue with that. Oh and you wanna use sizes 16-20. I like a 16 with a tungsten bead and an 18 or 20 as a dropper.