Friday, April 25, 2014

Pond Hopping.

Boom- Spring has sprung.  The bass are restless (and tiny) in my local golf course pond.  I just acquired a brand new 8 weight that I think I will review shortly- and I had to break it in.  These little dudes didn't put too much bend in my 8, but heck- it's the blow up that I love with bass anyway and these little guys sometimes hit harder than a large bass.  

Look at the gut on that warmouth- pretty sure he ain't missing any meals.

This one is about as big as they get in this particular pond.  You have got to love when you see that v-wake storming your popper right before the water explodes.  They really liked this fire-tiger popper.  They also seemed to like the popper drug slowly instead of aggressively popped. Guess its time to start tying up some new poppers and clousers.  I love Spring.

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