Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SBS- Ice Dub Scud

I've been fishing and tweaking this pattern for a few months.  Nothing too revolutionary.  It is obviously an attractor and I built in as much weight as possible because I like to use it as an anchor fly.  


- Allen Hot bead- tungsten.
- Montana Fly Co. size 14-16 scud hook.
- Thread color does not matter at all- I used olive.
- Hairline UV Ice Dub- Gray
- Ultra Wire- Amber
- Lead Wire- .025
- Solarez Thick (or whatever UV goo you use)

Step numero uno: Put the bead on the hook- probably could have left this to the imagination.

Dos: Get some thread.

Tres: Get you some toxic lead wire- or non-toxic if you're into that hippy stuff.

Catorce: Snip off a piece of lead that is about as long as the hook shank- tuck it under the bead if you can.

5: (Those are all the spanish numbers I know- I learned them from U2)  Cinch the lead down on top of the hook with aforementioned thread.  This gives a nice, humpy scud profile.

6: Tie in some wire.

7: Pinch you off a chaw of IceDub.

8:  Dub the dub onto your thread- don't dub too much dub or you'll end up with an obese scud.

9: Wrap the dub that you dubbed. Whip it.

10: Wrap the wire. Whip it again. (you are welcome for the awesome photography).

11: Pick out the dub downward to make some legs.

12: Scud profile achieved.

13:  I like to torch off the fuzzies on top to prep for the UV goo.

I like the thick formula Solarez goo for this fly.

14: Goo it and... blue it?  Just coined that.

15: Fish.

Works in lots of color combos.  If you wanted less weight you could opt for a brass bead.  I tie them with normal (non-hot) beads for a more realistic presentation.  Olive Ice Dub works well too.  I imagine Orange IceDub would be money for high or dingy water. Go nuts.

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