Friday, April 20, 2012

Lessons in Piscatorial Identification

Not a carp. ^
Well, if I were better at rough fish identification, I would have known that my carp quest is still ongoing.  My buddy Wade and I got to slip out this afternoon for some creek fishing.  This spot is known to have some carp so I figured we would give it a try.  Right off the bat, I caught what I thought was a carp... I mean, it had rubbery lips and bronze scales.  I was a little disappointed by how it fought.  Then when I got home I did a little googling and quickly realized I had caught a dang redhorse.  To be fair, It was a pretty big redhorse and I didn't get a ton of time to look at it because it popped out of my hand after this one pic.  Ya ya, I know suckers and carp look different but I got excited ok?  The trip was definitely not a totally bust.  Wade tore up the suckers and chubs and hooked and lost a good smallmouth.  Hooked a ton of little bass and bluegill and one decent kentucky bass.  We were fishing over what we thought were a bunch of carp in a deeper hole.  After hooking a small sucker and watching all the fish try to engulf the little guy, we realized they were all huge largemouth.  By "huge" I mean for a little creek with pretty high fishing pressure.  The biggest one might have been four pounds.  It was weird to feel disappointed that there was a school of big bass in front of me instead of carp.  Dang carp.  If I could just land one I think I could go back to more "normal" fish.  But until I do, the hunt continues.  I have been hitting up a local pond quite a bit lately that has one big common carp and a whole fleet of massive grassies.  I have hooked that pesky carp three times and he has come unbuttoned each and every time.  Man I think I hate carp... but I just can't leave them alone.    

Wade lost a good smally but landed his little brother as a consolation prize.

Caught way too many of these.

I dont think I've ever caught one of these hog suckers before.

Pucker up.

Decent little largemouth on a Clouser.

Pretty day and pretty water.  Looks carpy right?

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