Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick "Carp" Trip


Took a really quick trip down to the Illinois to try to catch a carp this afternoon.  Now, I've tried to catch carp on several occasions.  I have hooked several of them.  I have yet to get a single common carp to hand (furthering my "wannabe" status).  I legitimately tried on days off while guiding in CO to catch carp in the local reservoir with... less than positive results.  The carp is both an alluring beast and a cruel mistress.  The one common that I should have landed was on a golf course pond.  That sucker ripped almost all my backing off my cheap Orvis reel in about 30 seconds, then went ahead and bent my hook straight for good measure.  If fish had fingers, that carp would have flipped me the bird.  I have brought a couple grass carp to hand but they were not impressive fighters, though they did make good grip-and-grin shots.  Anyway, I went down to the Illinois with the intention of carp fishing but ended up just jacking around with some new flies I tied.  These are little articulated leach patterns with either bead chain or lead eyes.  I think they are going to be a pretty solid smallmouth pattern for me this year.  The pattern hook no carp, but I did land a smallmouth, a sunfish, a crappie and a goggleye.  I was only down there for an hour or so and, while I managed to land a few fish, I also slipped on the goop covered bed rock of that well litigated stream and soaked myself in the nutrient (chicken poo) rich water.  After that little foray, I decided that my summer goal is to figure out the carp game.  I sucked at catching trout at first, sucked at smallmouth and was terrible at saltwater fishing.  Now, I was born a great bass fisherman... ok I still suck at that.  My next target is Little Sugar Creek.  I hear people actually catch carp there so that's where I need to go.  I've been tying up lots of ugly little bugs on expensive bonefish hooks and I built a solid 10 foot leader for my six weight.  I have been reading article after article.  Its time carp.  

Little Smallie- looking a little pregnant.

I love the red eyes on Goggleyes.

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