Sunday, April 15, 2012

Redington Palix River Wading Boot Review

New Boots:

Aggressive lugs
 I bought a pair of the old Redington CPX wading boots about three seasons ago.  My initial reasoning when buying the boots was that they were economical... well I got them on closeout so they were downright cheap.  I ordered the boots online and was surprised when the fit perfectly.  Anyway, these boots surprised me again with their construction and comfortable padding.  I used the boots successfully for three seasons which is all you can really ask from a low end pair of boots.  So now that they had pretty much completely worn out, I went on the hunt for some new boots.  I am an avid closeout/clearance shopper.  Most fly-fishing gear, as you probably know, is priced as if all fishermen were 50 year old businessmen with well established retirement accounts and lots of disposable income.  While that may be the majority, some of us are 25 year old students with nothing but a half a degree and few low paying summer jobs.  So I again looked at all the online shops, ebay and Craigslist and came up with nothing.  Because my boot budget was pretty low I looked at reasonably priced gear.  I also knew I wanted some boots with the newish sticky rubber soles to save the environment/legally wade in Missouri.  Long story short I ordered the Palix Rivers.  When I opened the box I immediately noticed that they were large.  I ordered size 11's because my CPX boots that fit so well are size 11.  Well, seems that Redington has changed up their sizing a bit, so these look and feel like at least a 12.  First impression- not so great.  On the other hand, these boots look just as well made as my CPX's, though they are not quite as cushioned.  The entire lining is neoprene and most of the outer is a canvas like material.  The rubber rands are nice and the boots seem very durable.  The soles look aggressive, with a 4 pronged star-like pattern and places to attach studs should one be so inclined.  The soles are also impregnated with pieces of walnut shell for increased grip which are hard to see in the pictures.  I am not sure if I buy the nut-shell grip but I suppose it can't hurt.  I also wonder if there isn't a more effective/cooler sounding material that could have been chosen, but I am no boot maker.  I probably would have called it "Eco-Grip," "iNutshell,"or something trendy and politically correct- oh and added a cool little logo to the corner of the picture as if nut-shells were some break through discovery.  I tried the boots on with my waders and, as I suspected, they were way too big.  This hacks me off by the way, in case you couldn't tell.

The boots were easy to get on and off and the lacing system was solid.  In the end, the field report will have to wait because I gave the boots to my father (who wears a size 12) and they fit him great.  Once he tries them out with his old-man knees on the snot covered rocks of the Little Red, we shall see how the Nut-Tech holds up.  To tie it all up- these boots look great for the price.  They are durable feeling and well designed.  Buy a size smaller than you would normally get because they seem to be sized differently.  I will probably buy another pair in a size 10 and I predict that they will last a while and possibly keep me from face planting in the river, as I often do.
Old CPX Boots After 3 Seasons of hard wading.


  1. Hey, I just found a new pair of the CPX boots on ebay and hope they hold up as well as yours did. Your review is what sealed the deal, thanks!

    1. Nice Chief- I think you will enjoy them. I still use them all the time- might resole them actually. Glad the review was useful to you man.