Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Bass

       There is no time of year that gets me more excited than White Bass Season/The Hillbilly Salmon Run.  It is a Southern Tradition and a multicultural experience.  An entire cross section of humanity appears as if out of nowhere in order to descend upon tributaries and ditches.  
              Sadly, as I write this, the holiday is basically over.  I think I did this season right.  I got out at least twice a week for the entire season.  I never had one of those 100 fish days but I had some great trips, fished with some good buddies and met a few new friends.  I didn't get a big hybrid or a striper- did get a solid walleye.  I spent most of the time trying to escape the crowds and see how far those striped rascals would push upstream.  Did a lot of hiking and got a lot of chigger bites.  .  I absolutely love white bass because they hit hard, fight hard, and they are stupid.  Stupid fish are fun fish.  Smart fish can be rewarding, but there is something about coming home at the end of a trip with new calluses and a sore arm from horsing in dozens of finned mental midgets with a group mentality and bad attitudes.  You really cannot beat fish after fish on the same ragged fly.  There is something great about packing nothing but a box of clousers, a six weight and a sink tip and slipping into warm, slightly trash encrusted streams in nothing but sandals.  It is great to be able to take someone out who has never fly fished before and watch them fight fish after beautifully stupid fish.  I already cannot wait until next season, until then there are more respectable fish out there to chase... but few that are more fun.

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