Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Figuring Out the Carp Game

I have figured out a solid carp spot.  I think this was the major issue in my lack of success with the carps.  This spot has tailers, slurpers, chasers and cruisers.  It has more carp than you can shake a stick at.  There are also some minor trespassing issues... but those are minor in my mind.  I have kind of figured out what people mean when they say that you have to fish to feeding fish.  I have not gotten one cruising fish to stop and look at my fly.  Not one.  But, if a carp is tailing and you plop a fly in front of them without spooking them, you can usually get them to check it out.  About fifty percent of the time, the carp will actually take the fly- then I will miss the hook set about twenty five percent of the time- because I suck.  The hardest part is trying to tell when they have taken the fly, especially if they aren't coming straight at you.  They don't always dive or look like they are taking the fly, they just hover over it and suck it in like some sort of hovering UFO sucking up fleeing children.  A good portion of the time, I will set the hook too hard or the carp will turn his head the wrong way and it will snap off.  This can be extremely frustrating.  I started out using 3x tippet.  I soon switched to 2x... then 1x.  The carp are pretty line shy, but they also tend to snap your tippet like Hulk Hogan snapping a femur.  I prefer to hook fewer fish but be able to land them.  Its a trade off.  
My favorite fly (only fly that has really worked) so far is just a bunch of black marabou on a size 6 saltwater hook with some lead eyes.  The other flies I have tried have worked ok, but I lose so many I figure there is no point in tying intricate flies.  The carp seem to like flies that make a soft plop and have a big fluffy profile.  I also have some success with a similar fly with a bunch of black rubber legs, but a mirror carp stole it when I foolishly grabbed the leader.  

I have yet to get a carp to grab a dry fly but I tied up a bunch of stupid grass flies, bread flies and mulberry flies.  None of them have worked at all.  No interest.  That is my next goal though.    

I am still not a carp expert by any means.  Not even a little bit.  I am a first year rookie in the minor leagues when it comes to carp.  However, I am learning and I am having a blast.  Go find some carp, you will experience a range of emotions you didn't even know you possessed... mostly rage... perhaps a few fleeting moments of elation and badassery if you're lucky and extremely persistent.

Gotcha sucker.

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