Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Red River Report

Things have been busy lately.  Got a wedding to plan, just took the BAR exam and I am looking for a place to live in a new city for my future wife and I.  With all of this adult type stuff going on, I have hardly had time to sleep, much less fish.  So, now that the BAR is over, I took this week off to renew my mind and fish a little.  Unfortunately, this has been about the hottest week of the year.  Despite this, my buddy Brad and I got to hit up the Little Red river today for a few hours.  The temperature actually felt nice and we waded in just sandals and shorts.  The fish were feeling the heat and were super spooky and picky.  We got a few on midges up by the dam and had a really nice day trying to trick those little boogers into biting.  The most successful flies we tried were size 16 sow bugs and red zebra midges.  Felt good to get out after staring at ridiculous law books all summer.  

I always know it was tough when my drying patch is covered in the flies that didn't produce.

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