Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night Fly Tying Session

The election was just getting to be too much.  All the stress and bickering.  So instead of watching that awful junk, I tied up some poppers.  Behold my menagerie of popping critters:

Little frog popper- these are a go-to.

This one is a slider- or maybe a diver.  Haven't cast it yet so we shall see what it decides to do.

Thought I needed some mouse patterns.  This one is a slider on a size 2 8089.

Not sure if mice pop when they swim but why not a mouse popper?

This one is just a standard bass-sticker, I always dig purple flies for bass.  Now I just need summer to come back.  No comment on politics except to say that tying a few poppin bugs is always better than watching states turn red or blue.

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