Monday, November 5, 2012

Fishing Camera- Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS Review

(Guest review by Kasper)

I had been wanting a waterproof camera for fishing and duck hunting for several years. I had done a lot of research but after reading reviews there were too many negative reviews of every camera on the market, mostly having to do with the waterproof feature malfunctioning after a short time. Then, Olympus announced the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS. When I heard about it I was excited, because it was supposed to be the top of the line of Olympus's tough series. I had high hopes but I waited for several months after it came out so I could read reviews. After about 6 months with very few bad reviews, I decided this was the camera for me. 

My recent trip to the Norfork was my first time using the camera. I had purchased a floating strap just in case I dropped it so the first thing I did was test the strap to make sure it would support the weight of the camera. I tested every feature of the camera that I plan to use on the trip including underwater shots and videos and macro shots. I was extremely impressed with the results. My buddy, who has picked up photography and always brings his DSLR on trips, was also impressed with the quality of the shots/videos of the olympus, especially considering it's just a point-and-shoot. Olympus has also come out with a fish eye converter lens and a tele converter lens which can be purchased separately (along with an adaptor).

I can't wait to use this camera more. My only complaint is that it offers no protection for the lens as there is no way to attach a lens cap out of the box. But I have ordered the adapter for the other lenses, which allows you to attach a lens cap to it. I had to order it from eBay and it shipped from Hong Kong, which is annoying but oh well. I may purchase the fish eye lens eventually, but for now my sole purpose for ordering it is to attach a lens cap. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this camera to any sportsman who is looking for the ability to take underwater pictures, or just wants the comfort of having a camera you can drop in the water or on the ground or expose to freezing temperatures. You can read more about it and its features here -

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