Monday, January 14, 2013

And the Disease Spreads...

So I am sure you have experienced this if your friends know you as a "fly fisherman.You have buddies tell you all the time that they want you to take them fishing.  You are always game.  You think it would be great to have more fishing buds.  You call them and... they never go.  

 Well my buddy Drew decided not to be "that guy."  We took off for the Little Red at dawn on the coldest, iciest day we could have picked and went immediately to Cow Shoals to see if the browns were there.  Long story short, they weren't.

 Now, keep in mind that Drew has never fly fished before.  He currently owns exactly one Ugly stick and about 3 soft plastic lures.  I gave him a quick (probably inadequate) front-yard casting lesson, packed (what I thought was) the necessary extra gear, and we headed out.  

Drew picked up the casting pretty quick, I lent him my Z-Axis 5 weight and he was set up.  We finally get there and its pretty cold, but not bad enough to keep us off the water.  I start putting my stuff on and look around for all the stuff I brought for Drew.  I find the rod, the boots, a pair of gloves and the waders... Unfortunately I have two pairs of spare hodgeman wadersOne pair is a size large and is a little leaky.  The other waders are my wife's pair... and she is miniature.  Guess which one I brought. 

And guess who had no choice.  Yep, Drew donned a pair of Lady Hodgemans intended for a tiny blonde woman and we hit the river.  Luckily for Drew, Cow was a bust.  So he got out of those waders before he lost an appendage to circulation issues and we headed up to the dam.  I figured the fish would be more active in the warmer water coming from the lake.

Well, in the end, fishing was tough.  Really tough.  We were fishing 7x and small midges and couldn't buy a strike.  Those little stockers up at the dam were shut down.  I could see them refuse every little fly I floated past their little fish faces.  Oh well, can't win 'em all.  

Somehow, Drew managed to hook one on a red midge.  I yelled something I am sure was incoherent about keeping his rod up or something and grabbed a net.  Drew handled that little bow like a champ and had his first trout on the fly with no need for a net while I rung up a big ol' goose egg.  In the end, Drew said he wants to get a rod and some waders and I think he may have contracted this wonderful disease of a hobby- even though it was 26 degrees, snowing, and the fish were being lame.  Thats it- Stay Fly and spread the disease.


  1. That's cool. I totally know what you mean by people who always say they want to go then say they can't when you offer. Annoying as hell. I'd rather have tight dry waders than loose leaky ones.

    1. Ya he was dry at least. I almost couldn't fish because I was laughing so hard! That'll be my excuse for getting skunked.