Thursday, January 17, 2013

Congo Hair Bass Flies

Got some Congo Hair from the Fly Tyer's Dungeon this Christmas and I've just been going nuts with the stuff.  I got the "Baitfish Box" which includes every color and variety of Congo Hair that has ever been conceived.  I've been doing clousers, EP style baitfish, I made myself a mustache...  not really, I grow a solid creepster 'stache on my own.  

I got the idea for these from several other flies- nothing real original here but I do think that these will fish pretty well for bass and smallmouth.  These are all on "Laser Sharp" cheapo worm hooks (which work really well) and are just Congo Hair, marker, a little flash here and there and 8mm 3d eyes from Montana Fly Co.  

This one is on a 2/0 hook- the others are 3/0s.  I like the 2/0 better but I only had one.

Still working on the EP style baitfish.  This style is kind of tough to get the proportions correct and I always seem to cut too much material.  Don't think the fish will care but I like them to look good.  This one is on an size 2 Allen SW002. I also really need to get a better camera- these pictures turned out worse than usual.  

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