Monday, February 25, 2013

Balsa Swimming Minnow

Been testing this thing out for a while and, well, it's money.  If you've ever fished the "Wiggle Minnow"- this fly does basically the same thing except with a lot more action.  The balsa lip really makes the fly swim.  I'm thinking this will be a killer bass fly come spring. All you need is a little balsa and some sandpaper. Ya- ok, its a crank bait- wanna fight about it?

Hook: 8089 size 2
Body: Balsa, Sally Hanson, Marker
Tail: Olive Brown Marabou
Flash: UV Flash
Eyes: T-Shirt paint/ Home-made


  1. awesome. Where do you get the balsa?

    1. Hobby Lobby- really any craft store- you can get it in round or square sticks- super cheap.