Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Product Review: Umpqua Fly Badge

The Umpqua catalog has been some of my favorite reading material for some time now.  Umpqua has always had the best selection of tying materials, hooks, tools, fly boxes etc. Recently, they have come out with a whole line of packs, bags and accessories that show some definite promise.  I have yet to see the bags but I opened a great little package from Umpqua the other day. 

The Umpqua Fly Badge is a clip on/velcro on/pin on drying patch/mini fly box.  I have to be honest, I did not really know what to make of this product at first, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.  

The Badge has the same small slotted foam as Umpqua's UPG fly boxes as well as a magnetic patch.  The slots can hold dries, nymphs or small streamers and the magnet can hold all your tiny midges. 

 The real beauty of this little gadget is that you can literally put it on any surface (like your hat if you want to look dorky like me).  It has pins that will allow it to be connected to any clothing or pinnable surface.  The velcro comes with both male and female sides and one is adhesive backed so you could stick it to a boat or the visor in your truck.  

There is also a small carabiner that will let you clip the Badge to a pack or whatever else suits your fancy.

My first concern was that I would lose flies.  After using this thing for a while, I have to say that it holds onto flies really well as long as you don't swipe them off.  You can shake it all you want and the flies will stay stuck.  
 I believe Umpqua meant this product to be a drying patch replacement- a job it will perform admirably.  For me, this little guy will hold all the flies I need for a day on the local tailwater.  I think that it will definitely find a place in my arsenal for quick, ultra lite trips without a pack.  I really plan on using it for "pond hopping" for bass and bluegill when it gets warm.  Just throw a rod in the car and the rest or your junk in your pockets and the Badge will hold all the flies you need.  At around 20 bucks, the Umpqua Fly Badge is worth picking up, especially if you are looking for a way to carry a few flies for a quick trip or keep them in an alternative spot.  I want to see Umpqua do a bigger one for bass flies or big streamers in my boat.  Thats it, stay fly.


  1. Finally a reason to use those goofy loops on my fly fishing shirts. Thanks for the review.

  2. The idea has been around a long time in various forms. The problem is that flies are easily lost as your arm or brush pass over it. Fly line also gets caught on it and flies it holds and reduces ability to shoot line cleanly and will also pull flies off the patch. It needs a vented cover and corner attachments to preserve flies and prevent line catching.

    1. Ya you can lose a few flies with this- I keep it on the strap of my sling pack and I do not usually find that anything catches on it. C & F makes one with a cover. For me it is just a place to quickly stash a fly or two so that they can dry enough to put them back in my box. This hasn't affected my casting- but it could depending on where you attach it.