Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birds, White Bass and Hybrids

Jumped at the opportunity to do a little white bass fishing up in northwest Arkansas the other day. With a new job, new house and a new puppy, my fishing has been very limited lately.  I only had a few hours so I went right to the spot where I killed 'em last year- nothing happening.  I did manage to entangled this poor swallow on my first cast.  Once he was safely swarming the bridge with his buds, I switched to a larger pool where I saw a few bait guys fishing.  

The whites were really getting after it in the shallow water and were not interested in my clouser. 

I did manage to get a few little whites but I kept moving downstream on the creek.  

I finally ended up at the mouth of the creek where there is a huge pool.  Boom.

I was catching some big whites on about every other cast and I was having a blast.  The takes were subtle and right on the bottom.  

All of the sudden, I got a very light take and strip set as I always do on whites.  It felt like I had just set into a tree trunk and I immediately knew I had either a hybrid or a striper.  Good thing I had the 1x tippet on...  

Turned out to be a pretty nice hybrid.  Got an older gentleman to snap this shot so sorry about the bad picture.  I got one more hybrid, which was a little smaller than the first but was still a blast.  After that, there were a few more whites and then I had to jump in my truck and run back south.  Nothing like a three hour drive home to cap off a day.  This was my only successful white bass trip this year and it felt really good to get back in there.  Dang it, I love white bass.