Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Red River Trip Report(s)

Took the whole family up to the Little Red.  Our little family happens to be me, my wife and a goofy mutt with penchant for rock diving.  This trip was technically a birthday present to myself.  The fish did not seem to care that it was my birthday.  Water was off color and the fish just were not showing us any love.  

My wife hooked at least five fish on a woolly but could not seem to keep them pinned (shes getting pretty good though).  

I caught a few little rainbows on junk like midges and scuds.

The highlight of the day was catching a bow on a foam hopper (that I tied on just for fun.)  

It was also great to watch my pup have a blast chasing bugs and try to swim after every fish I released.  I was a little worried he'd actually catch one.

All in all, a great birthday despite the so-so fishing.  I also think I have a solid fishing dog in the works. He is only 6 months old but he already loves standing at my heel and barking at fish.  He also tries to bite the fish- we will have to work on that.

(Next weekend, next trip)

Went up to Heber with my buddy John.  The water was low when we got to the dam.  There was absolutely nothing happening at the dam except for a gathering of corn chuckers and a small pack of roving dogs.  There were also plenty of RV's.

We moved on down the river when the horn sounded and ran into a pretty solid BWO hatch.  At least, I believe these are BWOs.  You tell me (check out those sweet green eyes):

We fished the hatch for a couple hours and both fully realized we were both really rusty at dry fly fishing.  Oh well.  We were casting at steadily rising fish and missed more strikes than I care to admit. John tried to blend in with the crowd with the shirtless Huck Finn look...  

We did end up landing several fish, nothing big.  I managed to break off a nice bow on a dry.  I do believe my BWO flies were way too darkly colored for the almost transparent mayflies that were coming off- unfortunately I didn't see one up close until the end of the day.  They were probably also too big.  I'm sure, as always, a size 22 Adams would have been the ticket.

This one fell for a BWO Comparadun.  

                               Thats all I got.  Go fishing.

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