Friday, April 25, 2014

Pond Hopping.

Boom- Spring has sprung.  The bass are restless (and tiny) in my local golf course pond.  I just acquired a brand new 8 weight that I think I will review shortly- and I had to break it in.  These little dudes didn't put too much bend in my 8, but heck- it's the blow up that I love with bass anyway and these little guys sometimes hit harder than a large bass.  

Look at the gut on that warmouth- pretty sure he ain't missing any meals.

This one is about as big as they get in this particular pond.  You have got to love when you see that v-wake storming your popper right before the water explodes.  They really liked this fire-tiger popper.  They also seemed to like the popper drug slowly instead of aggressively popped. Guess its time to start tying up some new poppers and clousers.  I love Spring.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Norfork Tailwater Report- 4/2/2014

Had a "business trip" planned to Mountain home yesterday so I threw a few rods in the truck just in case.  Turned out the water was set to be down at around 10 am.  So after my business thing, I prepared for some fishing by eating this:

At around 10, I pulled up to the water just beginning to fall out.  There was not much fishing to be done until the water dropped most of the way.

The fishing was pretty slow at first.  I picked up a fish or two on soft hackles, midges and scuds while the water dropped.  Once the water was all the way down the caddis came out in a big way.  I found a little pod of rainbows and had a blast tossing EHCs to hungry little mouths.  Probably landed 7 chunky bows on dries.  My fun was cut short when the water began to rise after only about 2 hours of fishing.  Oh well.

Long story short- caddis are starting to pop and there are hungry fish to be caught.  The White was running 3-4 generators the whole time and I heard fishing was slow.