Friday, July 11, 2014

Best/Worst Fishing Buddy

I present to you Wiley B. Barkington- the best and worst fishing companion a man could ask for.  He does hilarious things- but also refuses to stop trying to retrieve my indicator.  He also likes to spot and chase fish.  He pretty much reduces your chance to catch a fish by about 50%.  He also likes to roll in the dirt right before you try to get him back in the truck.  He may be a terrible fishing dog- but dang it, he sure is fun. 


  1. Dogs rule! My dalmatian is the biggest pain to take fishing, but they love it too much not to let them tag along. Dog's time with us is far too short, gotta let them enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Haha, my dog does the same. Always chases my line after I cast. Worried I will hook him one of these days...

    1. I have hooked mine twice. He didn't even notice either time. I am trying to train him to not retrieve the line but its pretty hard to override his bred-in instincts.