Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last Few Little Red Trips

Wow, fall went by fast.  I looked out this morning and there was snow on the ground.  As a Southern boy, I hate the cold.  I'll still fish in it- don't get me wrong, but I hate it.  Gloves, hats, jackets... the worst.  Give me a pair of Chacos and a 90 degree day.  Anyway, the few Fall weekends I got out on were a blast.  The Shawnee trout-boat I recently fixed up has been doing surprisingly well.  It is tough to take the little 9.9 prop through some of the shoals but you can always get out and drag if the water is down.

The browns have definitely started their spawning run- but just barely.  On my last trip this last weekend we saw at least ten good browns bolting away from the boat as we went over the shoals.  I have yet to actually hook any of these large browns mind you- I had to settle for little guys like this one.

Most of the first we have been landing are chunky rainbows like the one above- most of them from 13" to 16" with a few bigger ones mixed in.  The go to fly has been an egg pattern or a midge.  This time of year its almost too tempting to use an egg pattern- feels a bit like cheating.

Took my old man out a few times.  He has really been enjoying getting to see some of the Little Red that is not very accessible without a boat.  He is also not extremely confident in the stability of my boat- hence the sitting.

So far, this has been my best Little Red brown trout out of my boat- actually got it on our first trip.  Caught this one on an articulated streamer in a deep pool.  Good ol' butter-belly.

Me and the wife did a little wading the week I was painting my boat's hull.  We did pretty well up by the dam- though my wife will only fish if she can use my Z-Axis (which happens to be my favorite rod).  Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices.

A decent brown.

I also just invested in a Sage boat bag.  I really need to do an entire review for it, but for now I'll just say that I am really enjoying it.  It makes fishing out of a boat that much more convenient and keeps all my gear dry.  Alright thats all I got- stay fly.


  1. Beautiful fish. Hope to get back in a couple weeks.

    1. Thanks man- I'm hoping to get out there this weekend- just got a new outboard that needs testing.